Events: Moog Demo Day at guitarguitar Glasgow

Published on 01 July 2019

When it comes to synths, it's tough to find a brand more legendary than Moog. Constantly innovating despite the fact they've already created some of the most advanced and sought after pieces of kit the world has ever seen, they really are at the top of the game. No matter what piece of Moog gear you try out, their instruments always have a certain character and feel that sets them apart from anything else on the market and it's a truly fascinating experience when you begin to delve into what their synths can do.

Up there with our favourites is perhaps their most impressive creation, the astonishing Moog One. Capable of conjuring sounds that range from utterly hypnotic to ferociously powerful, this synth really can do it all and is seen by many as one of the most advanced ever created. Right now, we have both the 8 and 16 voice models available, along with a wide range of Moog gear, so we figured we better invite you all down to see what it can do!

This Saturday (06/07/19, 10AM - 5:30PM), we're very excited to share that Nick Valente from Moog is visiting our Glasgow store for a Moog Demo Day! Focusing on the Moog One but also offering demos of the brand's full range of gear, including the brand new Moog Matriarch, this is the perfect opportunity to get an overview of what's on offer or learn more about your favourite synth.

If you've ever been curious about just what makes Moog so special, or if you have some of their gear at home and fancy learning more about it, then don't miss your chance to spend some time with an expert. Nick knows Moog's gear inside out and will be taking one to one appointments all day to allow you to really explore the different options available. If you're a synth head, you absolutely must try out the Moog One for yourself and with Nick on hand to take you through what it can do, this weekend is the best time to do it!

You're more than welcome to just stop by the store, but if you want to make sure you get the chance to spend some time with Nick, get in touch with the guys on 0141 552 3402 or to reserve a one to one appointment.

If you've been living under a rock and haven't checked out what the Moog One can do, take a look below:

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