Gigging Week: Bose L1 Systems Turn 15

Published on 07 August 2019


This year the iconic Bose L1 speaker systems turn 15! Bose has personified quality for decades and their L1 have been an indispensable element of the mobile musician since the original L1 was launched back in 2004!
The L1 concept is simple, a stylish yet portable speaker system that is not only powerful but offers exceptional sound quality.
Working in a similar way to a line array speaker system you would see in an arena. The L1 allows a performer to use the same speaker for monitoring and front of house sound. 
It's as if by magic that the L1 projects sound at a consistently even volume. These systems don't blast sound in the same way as a regular speaker, rather they fill a room with sound. So you can stand next to the speaker and it will be much the same volume as at the back of the room. 
It's because of this unique approach to live sound that has made the Bose L1 a hit with performers who often gig in pubs and restaurants. They know the L1 can offer a level of ease and professionalism that's not achievable with other speakers. 
Bose L1 Systems
While the L1 Classic was groundbreaking, the arrival of the L1 Model II in 2007 offered several improvements. Not only was the sound quality refined, but the footprint of the L1 was reduced. Making the system even more portable and visually appealing. 
Over the years Bose have released several additions to the L1 Lineup. The L1 1S and Compact are less powerful, but still boast the same great sound quality at a more affordable price. And let's not forget the excellent range of Bose Tonematch mixers designed to perfectly accompany the L1 systems. 
More recently Bose launched the F1 Series. The sibling to the L1 series is designed to be one of the most versatile PA systems and is geared towards bands and theatre companies that play in a wide range of venues. 
So It's rather fitting that as part of our own 15th birthday celebrations, we're showing our love to these awesome PA systems and wish them a happy 15th birthday!