Events: Simon McBride BOSS Masterclass

Published on 23 September 2019

Whether you're a shredder, a blues riffer, or anything in between, we've no doubt that you've come across BOSS pedals at some point in your musical journey. Providing everything from inexpensive stompboxes to advanced multi-fx, BOSS have dominated the pedal game since the finest days of rock and long may it continue. Seen on the pedalboards of pretty much every iconic player you could imagine, the bright colours of the BOSS compact range are etched into music history. Where do you think Frusciante found his iconic tones? Or Dave Navarro for that matter? OR a certain Mr Cobain...? We'll stop there, but you get the message. If you were to thumb through your record collection, we bet it'd be rife with killer BOSS tones and we're pleased to say that the brand haven't let it go to their head - they're still creating new and exciting models to this day and we're giving you the perfect excuse to see what they can do. 

We're very pleased to have the exceptionally talented Simon Mcbride join us at our Glasgow store on the 22nd of October to run through all of his favourite BOSS pedals and teach you a few new tricks! Simon is a phenomenal player whose blood pumps raw blues so we're over the moon to have him in store. He's a BOSS fanatic and will be breaking down loads of their stompboxes to demonstrate how he puts together his thick, scorching tones, along with loads of his playing techniques. On top of that, he will, of course, be playing some of his most sonically impressive tracks and we couldn't be more excited to see what he pulls out of the bag.

If you love playing blues, love BOSS pedals and LOVE learning new ways to improve your playing, you don't want to miss this. Reserve your space now! 

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Can't wait for the event? Check out Simon's playing in the video below:

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