Spook-tacular Guitars for Halloween

Published on 22 October 2019

The best holiday of the year is upon us… Halloween! We love nothing more than embracing the spooky season and binge watching every scary movie in history. But, do you know what’s better than scary movies… scarier guitars! Are we right? We are right. 

Because, you can’t really bust out those haunting, menacing riffs on your bog-standard six-string can you? You need something with points, weird curves, and unreal finishes. For those who are too old to Trick or Treat, here’s our round-up of some of the spookiest guitars out there. Enjoy!  


PRS SE Custom 24 Limited Edition Sand Blasted Emerald

We couldn’t write a post all about Halloween guitars and not mention this bad boy. This guitar is utterly insane and looks even more phenomenal up close in the flesh. This striking SE is part of PRS’ limited run of solid Swamp Ash topped guitars, and with unique grain patterns, no two guitars from this series run alike! I mean, could it get anymore Halloween-y with the finish being described as swamp ash? And, to add to its awesomeness… it even GLOWS IN THE DARK under UV light… how cool is that?! 


Ibanez RG1027PBF-CBB Cerulean Blue Burst

Bust out those spooky riffs with this 7-stringed beaut. Ibanez is known for their creepy looking guitars (in the best way possible), so not giving them a mention would be a complete disservice. This guitar is an absolute treat for the eyes, with its Poplar Burl top and Cerulean Blue Burst translucent finish. Heart-eyes for days. And, not to forget, it has glow-in-the-dark inlays! Fang-tastic. 


 ESP LTD Limited Edition Kirk Hammet Ouija Red Sparkle

Oh, sparkly!

Now, nothing gets creepier than an Ouija board. And nothing gets weirder than asking the Ouija board if your great-great-great Aunt Sylvia is present in the room. But this ESP LTD Limited Edition Kirk Hammet is absolutely EPIC. Look at it! This limited edition beauty is truly stunning and embodies all things spooky. 

One word: WOW.

Three words: Take. My. Money. 

Strandberg Boden Metal 6 Black Pearl

If you’re gonna go all out spooky, do it right. This Strandberg is something else. It’s visually sleek and futuristic, and would no doubt feature in any Halloween blockbuster. It’s designed to deliver over-the-top metal sounds, which is perfect for you jamming some haunting riffs. And, it just looks super mysterious with signature no-headstock. Spooky, right? 



Let us know what you think of these super spooky axes! 

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