Offers: Bag yourself up to £65 cashback with Electro Voice

Published on 10 August 2020

For gigging guitarists, DJs, venue owners, or musicians in bands, there's nothing like having control over your own PA setup and having the power to fine-tune your sound. However, we fully understand that it's a big investment in your music, or indeed venue and making sure that you commit to the right setup for your needs is essential. Often, we find that customers in our stores have only ever really experienced PA that either wasn't fit for purpose or wasn't set up properly and it always amazes us how impressed they are after hearing what a proper rig can do.

As the last line of defence between your music and your audience, it's something you don't want to get wrong but don't worry - we have a few key brands we've come to rely on time after time. Electro Voice are most definitely among the front runners, consistently building seemingly bombproof gear that sounds extremely rich, full and detailed, even at seriously high volumes. Their Evolve series has always blown us away so when we got the chance to give you guys a bit of a deal on them we knew we couldn't pass it up. Read on for more details:

Throughout the month of August, Electro Voice are giving you the chance to bag yourself cashback when you take home either their fantastic Evolve 50 PA system or the equally impressive ZLX-12BT and ZLX-15BT speakers. Simply pay us a visit and you'll be able to claim up to £65 cashback from the brand to put towards some other gadgets, a couple of pints at the venue, or anything else that takes your fancy! Electro Voice gear is always really impressive and the models on offer are no different. This selection caters to those buying their first PA speaker to anyone looking for something portable, yet substantial and powerful enough to fill a large room.

We love getting the PA cranked up in store so feel free to drop by for a demo and we'll show you just how loud and clear these sound, trust us, you'll be impressed!

Check out the models on offer below:

Evolve 50



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