A Closer Look: Arturia Polybrute

Published on 15 September 2020


You’ve never seen anything like this before.

Have you heard that a lot? Particularly when a new synthesizer gets released?

We understand. But really, if you are an intrepid synth wizard on the trail of some brand new ways to express sound and texture, you’re going to want to know all about this new piece of gear!

The Arturia Polybrute is the summation of Arturia’s massively successful foray into hardware synthesis. It all began with the Minibrute, a massively powerful monosynth built into a small enclosure and packed with real-time control. It was a great idea and sold massively well, leading to further varieties of portable analogue loveliness.

Next came the Matrixbrute, an entirely different proposition with its game changing Matrix patch bay and hefty old-school design. It was a work of art and has become an instant classic.

Now, we can unveil what has up until now been a tightly guarded industry secret: The Arturia Polybrute! Let’s a take a second to appreciate the beauty of this thing!



Now that we’ve had a chance to gaze longingly at this fabulous creation, let’s quickly trot through some of the cooler features. This has only just been unveiled, so we expect to learn more in the coming days and weeks, but for now, here are some areas that have well and truly turned our heads...


Patch Morphing

Never before on an analogue synth has this feature been available! You may have seen similar things on digital synths like the Nord Lead/Wave synths and the Yamaha Montage keyboards, but it’s not something that’s been done to proper analogue technology. This is something that all synth warriors have dreamed about! Real-time morphing from one set of parameters to a completely different set. Almost all parameters can be changed simultaneously, with smooth transitions and all ‘in-between’ settings freely available to use. Just imagine what you can do with this wonderful new power! Go between two entirely different sounds, including splits and layers, AND including controls that are normally only on/off! Like we said, you aint seen nothing like this before!

Morpheé Touch Plate & Ribbon Controller

So just what is that mad looking Bond Villain gadget over on the left? That would be the new Morpheé, an innovative new real-time controller. This device utilises the X, Y and Z axes to bring you unparalleled real time control over the parameters you decide to shift. As we know, left-hand rea-time control is imperative for satisfying, ‘alive’ synth sounds: after patch selection and note selection, real time manipulation is your most important factor. We can’t wait to see how this works in hands-on terms!

Not only that, the Polybrute also has a fantastic ribbon controller. This is a beautifully intuitive way to simulate swells, breath and more factors into your sound. Whether you want some realism in your flute-like leads, or want to scatter the skyline of an LA Future Noir soundscape (Vangelis fans will know what we mean...), this addition is inspired indeed.


Polybrute Connect VST

This is an analogue synth, yes, but you can still control it via a piece of software for full integration! The Polybrute Connect plugin is a free download for all registered Polybrute owners, and allows for some pretty impressive two way editing. Change a setting on the hardware and the software will change itself accordingly, and vice versa! As much as we prefer interacting with the hardware, it’s good to have this choice for gaining quick access to deeper elements of the Polybrute’s synthesis, as well as quick patch management.


Other Cool Stuff

As we mentioned, it’s early days in terms of gaining knowledge on the inner workings of the Arturia Polybrute, but we do know some things at this early point. Here’s a quick rundown of what we like so far:

  • Patch Matrix from the awesome Matrixbrute, for some seriously non-linear decision-making!
  • The Steiner Filter, a great sounding, high-quality filter seen already on many Arturia keyboards.
  • 6-voice polyphony, just like the Prophet 6 and the CS-80, two of the greatest synths ever made.
  • Polyphonic arpeggiator, with controls for swing and time signature changes!
  • Stereo outputs, with panning ability within the patches for awesome spacial effects.



Yes, wow indeed! We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these! As with many Arturia creations, this feels like a step into the future, whilst also grabbing the past and reinterpreting it for a modern user. We’re excited about Arturia Polybrute, and you can be sure we’ll be amongst the first in the country to stock them! Keep your eyes, ears and internet browser peeled in this direction for more info as it comes!


Click to View the Arturia Polybrute


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