Competitions: Win a Martin Dreadnought Junior

Published on 02 October 2020

There aren't many guitar manufacturers who can confidently say they've shaped how the instrument has evolved and developed but Martin are most definitely in that elite circle. Established in 1833, the brand have seen pretty much all there is to see in the guitar world but somehow manage to innovate and push boundaries to this day. We've always loved their acoustics and with dedicated rooms in our stores where you guys can chill out and hear them for yourselves, there's nowhere better than guitarguitar to find your perfect model. If you're not sure which one to go for, we'd suggest turning your attention to one of our favourites and one of their most popular guitars, the Dreadnought Junior. Taking that huge, proud Martin Dreadnought sound and putting it in a smaller body, these acoustics are so much fun to play. In fact, we're constantly amazed at how rich and full they sound for smaller guitars! With loads of depth, punchy mids and all the bright, sparkly overtones you could ask for, we reckon every guitarist should sit down and try one out. That's why we figured one of these beauties would make a fab prize for this month's competition! 

The Details

Throughout the month of October, we're giving away a Martin Dreadnought Junior to one lucky winner! To enter, all you need to do is stop by any of our stores between 02/10/20 - 31/10/20 and fill in an entry ticket, then hand it back to a member of staff and you're in the runnings. Sound tempting? We thought so! We want to see and most importantly hear as many of you guys as possible so make a point of stopping by, having a shot of one and getting involved. Every guitarist should have a Martin in their collection and this is the perfect chance to nab one of your own. 

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