Lefty Weekend at guitarguitar Glasgow

Published on 08 April 2022

Southpaws, it's time to unite! 

A couple of weekends ago, we held our first Lefty Weekend at our Epsom store and it's safe to say you lot went wild for it. It was amazing to see so many of you come through our doors to feast your eyes upon all the left-handed instruments you could ever wish for. Now we know how it felt when Ned Flanders opened The Leftorium... 

So, we thought it was only right to bring things north of the border and keep all you Scottish Southpaws rockin' too! 


On Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, we will be hosting a special Lefty Weekend at our Glasgow store. From beginner guitars all the way to Custom Shop masterpieces, we'll be host to over 100 left-handed guitars for one weekend only. Whether you're looking to buy your very first lefty axe or add another one to the collection, come on down to guitarguitar Glasgow and we'll sort you out. 

Just by showing up, we'll also be giving you the chance to win an Ibanez JEM! Don't say we're not good to you. 

This event is totally FREE and there's no need to book, just come on down and rock out with us lefty style! See you there! 



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