Nord Drums

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About Nord Drums

Nord Drums bind stunning playability with endless sound design possibilities, The Nord Drum 3 features a 6 pad percussion synthesizer with Resonant Synthesis, Subtractive synthesis and FM-synthesis and an effects section with stunning Reverbs, Delays, Drive, Crush and EQ.

Nord's parent company Clavia began in 1983 and their first products were electronic percussion pads, Clavia also launched the popular DDrum brand and have used their 30+ years of experience to their advantage and designed these graceful and versatile percussion instruments. Please browse the full Nord Drum range online here at guitarguitar or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Drums

Question: Can a Nord Drum be played with hands or sticks?
Yes, the Nord Drum is capable of being played by both hands and sticks.
Question: Does the Nord Drum have realistic drum sounds?
No, and it's not meant to. It's best to think of a Nord Drum as a percussion synthesizer, it is very expressive, can create unique and powerful sounds and is excellent as a standalone device or adding to an acoustic drum kit for a distinctive hybrid set up.