Nord Stage 3

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About Nord Stage 3

The Nord Stage 3 is a state of the art stage piano and synthesizer. Packed full of sounds, this all in one performance keyboard is available in three variations. An 88 key and 76 key model, both with fully-weighted hammer action keys for pianists, and the Compact model which features 73 Waterfall keys, which is designed to appeal to organ players.

Stage 3 stays true to the Nord ethos of giving you full control over your sound without the need for time-consuming menu diving. This has been a key part of why the Nord Stage has become the industry standard with professional musicians, as well as its amazing sounds, reliability and responsive touch.

If you're looking for the ultimate stage keyboard that has excellent sounds and a bit of cool factor compared to other stage keyboards, then the Nord Stage 3 is for you!

Why Should I choose a Nord Stage 3?

  • World-class sounds and in-depth tweaking
  • Hand made in Sweden to the highest standard
  • High-quality acoustic multi-sampled instruments and digital synthesizer sounds

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Stage 3

Question: Where is the Nord Stage 3 made?
Stage 3, like all Nord instruments, is made in the Nord factory in Stockholm, Sweden.
Question: Does the Nord Stage 3 have speakers?
No, like most professional stage instruments, the Nord Stage 3 is designed to be run through a PA or amplifier.
Question: Can I expand the sounds of my Nord Stage 3?
Absolutely, it's easy to import new sampled instruments from Nord's online sample library. This is helpful if you require a specific sound for a session.