Novation Launchkey

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About Novation Launchkey

Novation Launchkey MIDI keyboards are the perfect companion to Ableton Live. Launchkey features quality keys, performance pads and many other controls. These allow you to launch clips, trigger samples and take advantage of Ableton Live’s excellent functionality.

Launchkey comes in a variety of sizes to suit many purposes. Launchkey Mini is perfect for throwing in a backpack, allowing you to make music anywhere. Meanwhile, Launchkey 61 MK3 has many more keys and controls, making it perfect for live performance.

Whether you’ll be working on-stage or in the studio, there’s a Launchkey to suit you!

Why Should I Choose Novation Launchkey?

  • Extensive control of Ableton Live
  • Works with any DAW
  • Plenty of handy functions

Frequently Asked Questions about Novation Launchkey

Question: Should I get a Novation Launchkey or Launchpad?
It depends on what you want to do. Launchpad is great if you want to work with a pad grid. It is ideal for launching clips and scenes, step sequencing and finger drumming. Launchkey is a better option if you prefer to play keys. There are also assignable knobs and faders on the Launchkey, while still providing some of the pad workflow.
Question: Some Novation Launchkeys only have 25 keys. Is that enough?
Launchkey 25 and Launchkey Mini both feature 25 keys. This is absolutely fine for playing basslines, leads and simple triad chords. If you want to play more extensive chords or melodies that span a few octaves, we’d recommend looking at Launchkey 49 or 61.
Question: Does the Novation Launchkey come with Ableton?
Every model of Novation Launchkey includes a copy of Ableton Live Lite. This allows you to start making music straight away. You can also upgrade to Ableton Live Standard or Suite for more features. You can get a nice discount on upgrading too, once you have registered the included copy of Live Lite.