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About Novation Controllers

You may be familiar with Novation controllers. Thanks to YouTube and a vibrant electronic music scene, the Launchpad is well known among musicians and DJs.

The Launchpad allows you to trigger clips, sequence patterns and play samples in real time with Ableton Live. Madeon's iconic 'Pop Culture' mashup is a perfect example of what you can do with these controllers.

With a choice between the original Launchpad, Mini and Pro, there's an option at all price points. There's never been a better time to get into it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Novation Controllers

Question: Does the Launchpad come with all the cables I need?
Yes, all you need is a USB cable, which is included. The units are also bus powered. There's no need for a power supply!
Question: Do you need to connect the Launchpad to a computer?
Yes, the Launchpad is a controller for Ableton Live. Any samples, loops etc play from within the Live software.