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About Ortega Guitars

Ortega is an acoustic brand that specializes in traditional building methods. The brand is best known for its Spanish-style classical guitars. They also make acoustic basses, ukuleles and other instruments.

Ortega started out in Spain in the mid nineties. Most of their instruments are now designed in Germany. Production takes place in both China and Spain.

Ortega are progressive when it comes to design. Much of what they make builds on traditional Spanish design to appeal to a new generation of players. Ortega aims to introduce nylon string guitars to a market that is not made up of classical players. Their guitars are finely crafted and boast appealing features. These include forearm contours, detailed inlays and custom designed electronics. The inclusion of a two-way truss rod is an example of their forward-thinking attitude.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ortega Guitars

Yes it is. Typically, 'Spanish' and classical guitars do not have truss rods in their necks. Truss rods are included in the design of steel string guitars in order to provide a degree of extra strength to the neck. This helps fight against tension from the strings. Nylon strings do not have anything like the same amount of tension in them. This means they do not make the same demands on a guitar's neck. This is why nylon string guitars tend not to need truss rods. The downside to this is that a neck without a truss rod is a neck that cannot be adjusted. Ortega put truss rods in their guitars not only for extra stability but for adjustability too. Temperature and atmosphere can all affect a guitar. Being able to account for these differences helps keep the guitar at its best at all times.