Epiphone Viola Bass Vintage Sunburst

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I find the bass nice and light and a very good sound, nice finish and excellent price

James R. - 22/2/2018

Bought this guitar as a present for my husband who is absolutely thrilled with it. He's the expert rather than me but he was thoroughly satisfied with how the guitar sounded and was especially pleased with the finish on the guitar

J.. - 8/10/2015

The Viola bass might look antediluvian, but then so do I. It's light weight and 30.5 scale length make it a joy to play, particularly for longer periods of time, which was becoming a bit of a problem with a full scale, solid bass. Sound-wise it's really surprisingly lively and responsive and I've no intention of substituting the roundwounds it came with, with 'classic' flatwounds which are frankly the work of Beelzebub and deserve to be left in the Sixties where they belong. The finish was superb for an instrument in this price range, the machine heads are smooth and precise and apart from a slightly rough screwhead on the tailpiece, I'm delighted with it and would recommend it to anyone, especially guitar players looking to branch out a bit.

G.S. - 3/9/2015

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