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Way Huge Saffron Squeeze MKII Compressor

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What we say:

Way Huge are an eccentric brand of boutique pedals designed by madcap savant Jeorge Tripps. His unique designs always sound excellent and go just that little bit further than most other pedals whilst still always offering an inspiring and usable sound. Tripps has designed some classic pedals for other companies like MXR and Line 6 but his most revered creations are from his own stable, Way Huge.

The Saffron Squeeze compressor is back and better than ever before! This juicy sounding compressor has the same high quality and sympathetic compression circuit as before but Way Huge have also added three extra controls for greater scope and control.

A Gain control sets the level of input gain to the pedal for pushing the front end a little. The Tone Cut control takes the highs out of the effected signal for a handy little trim and finally the Attack pot dictates how quickly the compressor kicks in after you play a note.

These welcome changes expand and improve this already great pedal.


The MkII has all of the love honey sustain and dripping compression of its predecessor, but now you can shape and mold it just the way you like it. In addition to the MkI’s Volume and Sustain controls, this revitalized rascal now has a Gain control to set the input gain level, a Tone control to cut post-compression high-end, and an Attack control to set the compressor’s reaction speed.

The Way Huge Saffron Squeeze MkII Compressor is TLC for your tone.

  • Same thick, dripping tones as the original Saffron Squeeze Compressor
  • Now featuring Gain, Tone, and Attack controls for fine-tuning

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4/5 (1 reviews)

Another great pedal from Way Huge offered at an excellent price from guitarguitar. The impact of this pedal on your sound is subtle but it breathes new life into my Tele and Strat. The Saffron Squeeze has replaced a Boss compressor on my pedal board and that is the way things will stay!

Alan M. - 21/3/2018