Red Seven Amplification Guitar Pedals

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About Red Seven Amplification Pedals

Red Seven Amplification is an Italian company building boutique gear for guitar players and have expanded from amps into Red Seven Pedals. The Red Seven Amplification Pedals build on previous designs by Shiva Audio Devices and thus each pedal has years of research behind them to make them refined and player friendly. From versatile Chorus pedals such as the Lil'Wave to the powerful Chaos Theory distortion, Red Seven aims to provide the player with everything they need for a professional quality sound no matter their amp.

Why Should I Choose a Red Seven Amplification Pedal?

  • Years of design experience in each pedal
  • Gig-ready quality
  • Versatile switching options
  • Professional quality sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Seven Amplification Guitar Pedals

Question: When did Red Seven Amplification start offering pedals?
Red Seven Amplification have been offering pedals for a number of years building on previous designs from Shiva Audio Devices.
Question: Are Red Seven Pedals any good?
Yes, with years of design experience these pedals are built from previous Shiva Audio designs and are refined into great sounding player friendly pedals.