Reverend Double Agent

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About Reverend Double Agent

Reverend is a forward thinking brand, known for putting their unique spin on classic designs. They have created numerous innovative guitars since their humble beginnings back in 1997. Now they are highly respected and used by professional players the world over. One reason for this is that they produce great guitars that are versatile, well made and capable of going the extra mile. One example of this is the Reverend Double Agent.

There are two models available, the Double Agent OG and the Double Agent W. They have slightly different body shapes but both look elegant and original. As well as this, the OG has a TOM style bridge while the W comes armed with a Wilkinson Tremolo. A selection of colours and fretboard wood variants are available so regardless of what your preference is, there will be something to tick the box for you.

As with all Reverend guitars, they come equipped with high quality and groundbreaking hardware. This includes a triple string tree, a six bolt neck plate and their forward thinking bass contour pot. These kinds of features are exactly why so many players gravitate towards Reverend guitars. Not only are they great fun to play but every player-friendly feature you could think of has been taken care of.

Why Should I Choose Reverend Double Agent?

  • They can move between a number of excellent tones making them very flexible
  • You get a lot of guitar for your money due to the high number of features
  • A great stand out design that adds a new flavour to some old classics

Frequently Asked Questions about Reverend Double Agent

Question: What kind of tones can you get?
A humbucker and P90 style pickup offer a rich blend of tonal options. From big rock riffs to silky smooth blues, they cover a lot of territory. The bass contour pot opens this up even further, giving the humbucker more of a single coil sound.
Question: What kind of wood is used for the body?
Korina is the wood of choice for Reverend's guitar bodies. It is a highly resonant wood often used for boutique instruments.
Question: Would you recommend this for a studio musician?
The Double Agent would be a great choice for a studio musician due to their excellent ability to stay in tune and the ease of switching between different tonal options.