Rickenbacker Left Handed Bass Guitars

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About Rickenbacker Left Handed Bass Guitars

Rickenbacker left handed basses are available from guitarguitar on a very regular basis. All of Rickenbacker's guitars and basses are made in relatively small batches but left handed instruments are very much included: great news for southpaw bassists!

We buy in as much left handed Rickenbacker stock as possible to ensure our lefty customers have the best when it comes to choice. Rickenbacker is a high quality brand and their 4003 is one of the most iconic basses in history. Why should left-handed players miss out?!

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker Left Handed Bass Guitars

Question: Which guitarguitar stores keep left handed Rickenbacker basses?
All of our guitarguitar UK stores keep stock of left handed Rickenbacker basses, though stock is always relatively limited due to the nature of the brand's building and shipping quantities. Please check here on our site before ordering or making a journey to make sure we have your desired bass in stock.