Roland Blues Cube

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About Roland Blues Cube

Roland Blues Cube amps are designed to mimic the sound, feel and dynamic response of a genuine all-valve guitar amp. Using technology like Tube Logic and Tone Capsules, Roland have been able to distill the valve-experience into a reliable solid state amplifier. The Blonde tolex-covered Blues Cube amps bring features like channel-switching, dual tone (both channels at once), switchable power ratings (as much for affecting the feel and tone as for the volume) and much more.

These Blues Cube amps are winning over lots of players who would not normally play through anything other than a Class A tube amp. Transistor technology is very reliable. These amps are also much lighter than similar tube amps. This makes them an excellent choice for gigging players.

As a major authorised UK Roland dealer, we have Blues Cubes ready for demo and for sale in each of our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Blues Cube

Question: What are the Tone Modules?
The Tone Modules are designed for the Blues Cubes only and are an easy way of instantly changing the feel, response and sound from the amp. Simply pick your favourite Tone Capsule and clip it into place via the custom connection in the back of the amp. It's as simple as that! It effectively doubles the amps you have at your disposal. There are currently four different Tone Capsules available: Eric Johnson, Ultimate Blues, Robben Ford, New York Blues.
Question: How many different models are in the Roland Blues Cube range?
The Blues Cube range currently consists of the following amps: Blues Cube Hot, Blues Cube Hot 'British EL84 Modified', Blues Cube Tour Head, Blues Cube Artist 212, Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Stage, Blues Cube Cabinet 410.
Question: Which Blues Cube amp is the best for gigging in small venues with a live band?
We would opt for the Blues Cube Artist combo. The 212 version offers extra power and headroom of the larger power rating, not to mention the bigger physical sound that the double 12" speakers make.
Question: What type of guitarist is the Blues Cube range for?
Aside from the obvious Blues guitarists, these amps will be excellent for indie and rock players who use more classic sounds or get their heavier drives from a pedal. These amps work very well with pedals so they will be a sound choice for anybody looking for a good 'base' sound from which to colour with their favourite stompboxes.