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About ROLI

Roli innovates instruments that offer the utmost expressive playing experience, Roli instruments are currently comprised of two product lines, their Seaboard Rise controller keyboards and the Blocks range of control surfaces.

The Roli Seaboard Rise keyboards offer a playing surface constructed from silicone that translates every finger movement to expressive sound. Compatible with both iOS devices via Blutooth and Apple and Windows computers over USB for control of Roli's own Equator software synthesizer as well as other many other MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatible software packages.

Blocks are extremely portable wireless controller devices, compatible with Apple computers and iOS devices, Blocks offer a unique way of creating music that is equally as fun as it is expressive. Roli Blocks are a great for professional musicians looking for a portable music creation sweat, or for total beginners looking for their first step into electronic music production thanks to their intuitive interface and their informal nature, we also think they look really cool!

Roli are continuously evolving and innovating new ideas, their current lines are exceptional and guitarguitar cannot wait to see what lies in the future for Roli and their instruments. Please browse the full Roli range online here at guitarguitar, or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about ROLI

Some notable Roli users include film composer Hans Zimmer, hipster pixie Grimes and Dream Theater's very own synth gnome Jordan Rudess.
Roli is named after it's founder, Roland Lamb, obviously, the name Roland was already taken, so the abbreviated Roli was chosen.
Equator is Roli's own sophisticated sound engine, featuring a blend of synthesis and sampling designed to get the most out of your Roli keyboard, every nuance of your playing is relayed by Equator. Equator features not only amazing synthesizer sounds, but also some realistic acoustic instruments, like upright bass and wind instrument sounds.