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About ROLI Recording

Roli recording studio products feature the award-winning Roli Blocks modular controller system. Compatible with Apple computers and iOS devices with Roli's own dedicated software as well as most other plugins and DAWs. Roli Blocks is a great expressive tool for both professional musicians and producers, and thanks to its simplicity and intuitive software is perfect for beginners looking to take their first step into making electronic music.

Frequently Asked Questions about ROLI Recording

Blocks Dashboard is a piece of software specifically made for your Blocks instruments and allows you to use your Blocks Lightpad and Rise with other MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatible plugins and DAW software to get the expressive control you know is possible with a Roli Instrument.
Noise is an iOS app made for Blocks instruments, featuring drum and synthesized sounds that allows instant play as well as sequencing, Noise is very simple and extremely easy to use, making it ideal for beginners to get started with making music.