Squier Bullet Mustang

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About Squier Bullet Mustang

The Squier Bullet Mustang is an extremely affordable short scale guitar with the classic shape and style of the counterculture classic by Fender. The Mustang has become an indie culture statement and many guitarists enjoy the Mustang's unique character. The Squier Bullet model is the most affordable Squier Mustang and offers easy playability and a light weight body. It is available in a variety of finishes. The Squier Bullet Mustang is available on our website and at all of our UK stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Bullet Mustang

Question: What finishes is the Squier Bullet Mustang available in?
The Squier Bullet Mustang is currently available in Imperial Blue and Black. Occasionally, limited edition colours are offered by Squier. Please keep an eye on our website for updates on these.
Question: Is this Bullet Mustang a reissue of the sixties Fender model?
The Squier Bullet mustang is based on the famous Mustang of the past but is not intended as any sort of reissue. It has the same shape and general design as the 60s mustang but has several features of its own, not least the inclusion of a pair of high output humbucking pickups.
Question: Does the Squier Bullet Mustang have humbucking pickups?
It does! The Squier Bullet Mustang features a pair of high output humbuckers. This means you can easily gain access to hot sounding grunge rock tones full of chunk and sustain. Mustang guitars in the past generally did not have such pickups. It is a very interesting and successful combination!
Question: Does 'shorter scale' mean the neck is shorter?
Yes. Shorter scale lengths mean the distance from the nut to the 12th fret (the length of a scale) is shorter than Squier's standard 25.5" scale length. The Bullet Mustang has a 24" scale length.