Squier Standard Stratocaster

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About Squier Standard Stratocaster

The Squier Standard Stratocaster is an excellent quality, very affordable take on Fender's finest design. Using all of the official measurements, the Squier Standard Strat looks every part the legend. With the customary three pickup design and a vintage style tremolo, the Squier Standard Stratocaster lives up to the heritage and adds quality to the value.

The Squier Standard Strat features specially voiced pickups, a slim and easy to play neck and a cool 70s style larger headstock for immediate style and visual appeal. Several excellent finishing options are available. Beginners will love this great sounding, easy to play Strat and more advanced players will appreciate the craftsmanship and integrity available at such a reasonable price. Buy one today here on our website or visit any of our UK-wide stores to try one out in one of our soundproofed booths! Our friendly staff are on hand to help out and advise. If you are considering a Squier guitar, the best place to look is guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Standard Stratocaster

Squier Standard Strats have large headstocks because they are referencing a specific moment in Fender's past. Stratocasters and other Fender guitars in the late 60s and early 70s were given large headstocks for the sole purpose of providing space for a larger logo decal! These days the two headstock sizes coexist in harmony, each style having its own share of fans.
Tremolos (or whammy bars if you prefer) work by slackening the pressure on strings to drop the string's pitch before bringing the pressure back (as you depress the bar) and returning the pitch to normal. This can often result in tuning problems because the string can stick at the nut. This is relatively easy to minimize. Make sure your Squier Stratocaster is properly 'set up' by a pro (ask in store) and consider rubbing a little graphite from a pencil in each nut slot to facilitate easy string movement. You want your string to be as free to move as possible. This should help safeguard against tuning instabilities but remember, even Jimi Hendrix had to retune mid-song on occasion!
Currently the Squier Standard Stratocaster model is the one and only model in the series! Squier produce many different series', and HSS Strats and others like it now belong in the Vintage Modified and Contemporary series'.
Visually, the Squier Standard Strat has finishes available including 'Antique Burst' that are not available on the Affinity Strat. There is also the option of a tortoiseshell pickguard with certain finishes. More significantly, the Standard Strat adds alnico-magneted pickups which provide an instant and significant upgrade. Plus, the saddles on the tremolo bridge are anodized for greater performance and tuning stability since they allow freer string movement.