Studiomaster PA Speakers

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About StudioMaster

StudioMaster speakers deliver powerful and quality sound at an affordable price. The versatile range of StudioMaster speakers are suitable for many uses, from performers and presenters who only require a single speaker to amplify a microphone and music, all the way up to full-sized PAs and professional installations, these uses can all be handled using speakers in the same range. StudioMaster speakers in the AP range also featured built-in DSP processing, meaning you can use the same model of speaker for front of house, floor monitors and even for delayed speaker sound reinforcement applications without the need for outboard gear.

Why Should I Choose StudioMaster?

  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable for a range of uses
  • Built in two channel mixer for music and microphones

Frequently Asked Questions about Studiomaster PA Speakers

Question: Are StudioMaster speakers any good?
Are StudioMaster speakers any good?
Question: Where are Studiomaster PA products made?
StudioMaster speakers are manufactured in China.
Question: What does the DSP on StudioMaster Speakers do?
The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows you to quickly dial in settings for different uses without the need for outboard gear.