Suhr Classic Pro

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About Suhr Classic Pro

Suhr Classic Pro isn't so much a guitar model as an overall concept. Suhr is a high-end custom guitar brand from California.

The Classic Pro range is Suhr's take on famous bolt-on neck electric guitar designs from the 1950s and 60s. Instead of slavishly recreating exact copies of vintage instruments, this range aims to take these designs as starting points and improve and modify them for modern players.

These improvements can include features like flatter radius fingerboards, stainless steel frets, noiseless pickup technology and locking tuners. On top of this is Suhr's famous quality levels and attention to detail.

Suhr are known for making some of the finest bolt-on guitars in the world and we are proud to be a major authorised UK dealer. Each guitarguitar store has a range of wonderful these guitars in stock, including Classic Pro models.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Classic Pro

Question: Does Suhr's noiseless pickup technology require a battery to function?
Suhr's Silent Single Coil System II (SSCII) removes the 60 cycle hum from single coil pickups without the need for a battery at all. It also does not interfere with your tone.