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About Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

The Komplete Kontrol series by Native Instruments is a line of state of the art MIDI keyboards that offer automatic integration with the Komplete software package as well as other NKI compatible plugins. The Komplete Kontrol ethos is simple, combine the best elements of using a computer with the best elements of using a physical synthesizer. The result is a powerful keyboard controller that lets you select sounds and edit them with precision without having to touch your mouse.

If you've ever installed a Native Instruments Komplete software bundle, you know how impressively large these sound libraries are. With virtually every instrument and sound imaginable catered for, it can be hard to navigate or even know where to start. This is where your Komplete Kontrol keyboard comes in. Native Instruments have assigned each preset sound with a series of tags. Characteristics like "long", "short", "bright", "analog" or "acoustic" are assigned to the relevant presets and by using the Browse feature on your Komplete Kontrol keyboard you can quickly narrow down your options to a manageable selection of sounds that are ready to audition. The great thing here is that the presets are listed by their character rather than the plugin they belong to, so if you often find yourself opening up the same handful of plugins, this is a great way to break the habit.

Once you have your sound selected, tailoring it to your preference is extremely easy, because every parameter of each plugin has been pre-mapped to the controls on the keyboard. In-depth editing is now effortless and lets you focus on the important thing, creating music! Behind the search feature and editing functionality is a professional level keyboard that any musician will love and with extra performance features like a Chord Mode and a powerful arpeggiator, your Komplete Kontrol keyboard will continue to inspire new creative ideas.

Why Should I Choose Komplete Kontrol?

  • Full control over the plugins on your computer without the need to reach for the mouse
  • Fluid workflow for creating music in the studio
  • Makes using your computer on stage an easy option

Frequently Asked Questions about Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

Question: How do I use the Komplete Kontrol keyboard?
Komplete Kontrol is a USB MIDI keyboard, once you have the keyboard connected to your computer with the Komplete Kontrol software installed, hit the "Browse" button on the keyboard and you're ready to begin searching through your plugin library.
Question: Can I use Komplete Kontrol with Ableton?
Absolutely! The Komplete Kontrol can be run as a plugin within Ableton and most other DAWs, giving you the full Komplete Kontrol experience within your favourite music software.
Question: Does Komplete Kontrol come with Software?
Yes, each Komplete Kontrol keyboard comes supplied with a selection of Native Instruments plugins and Ableton Live Lite.
Question: Do Komplete Kontrol keyboards integrate fully with the Presonus Studio One DAW?
Yes, Komplete Kontrol can be run inside full versions of Studio One as a plugin.