TC Electronic Tuner Pedals

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About TC Electronic Tuner Pedals

TC Electronic tuner pedals are among the most popular in the industry.

When people mention TC tuners these days, they usually mean the Polytune. This innovative pedal was the first of its kind to allow you to strum the entire guitar and see each string's tuning at the same time on a large, custom display. Nothing like this had existed in a pedal format before.

TC have released a number of updates to the Polytune over the years. They are now in their 3rd iteration. This version allows multiple tunings modes including chromatic, polyphonic and a strobe mode.

The TC Electronic Polytune pedal is something we always keep in stock. Visit us online or in store to pick up yours.

Frequently Asked Questions about TC Electronic Tuner Pedals

In chromatic mode, the Polytune 3 is accurate to 0.5 cents, whilst the strobe mode nails it at 0.02 of a cent.