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About TOURTECH Guitar Cases

TOURTECH guitar cases are solid and reliable for a life on the road.

These cases are made with ABS plastic shells and moulded foam interiors. They have aluminium edges and catches as well as proper locks with keys.

TOURTECH hard cases are available for most types of guitar, from solid body electrics and basses to classicals, dreadnoughts and more. TOURTECH also make cases for mandolin, 5 string banjo and ukulele.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TOURTECH Guitar Cases

Question: What types of electric guitar will the TOURTECH TTABS-EG Deluxe Electric Guitar case be good for?
The Tourtech TTABS-EG case is a great fit for about 90% of electric guitars out there. Anything vaguely S or T shaped will be perfect. So Charvel, Suhr, Tyler, Fender, Squier, Schecter and most other brands will fit just fine. 'Shape' guitars like Vs and so on will prove a problem, as will semis like Dots and ES335s. Anything with a pitched back neck (like a Les Paul, for example) will not be suited to the case either.