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About TOURTECH Drums

TOURTECH drums exceptional quality at an affordable price. Whether you're an absolute beginner, or an experienced player looking for a convenient way to practice at home, TOURTECH features great sounding and compact electric drum kits at an affordable price.

Kits like the TT-12S and TT-12SM are excellent as a gateway into drumming, or even for drum tutors looking for a compact kit to take to lessons. Featuring a foldable stand for easy transport and great feeling pads (the TT-12SM even features a dual-zone mesh snare drum), these compact and portable kits not only feel incredibly substantial, but with 250 voices to pick from and create your own kits, they bring a level of creativity unavailable on any other kit in this price range.

TOURTECH's premium TT-16S and TT-25M kits feature heavy duty stands, a sophisticated module that's packed with 350 drum sounds for creating your own kits, 26 preset kits, an audio and MIDI USB interface for connecting to your computer and recording and playback functionality for detailed practice, as well as dual-zone pads on the TT-16s and realistic and responsive mesh dual-zone mesh pads on the TT-25M.

It's hard to find these many features packed into any electric drum kit, so it's amazing to find them included in an affordable kit that's built to last, that's why we love TOURTECH! Please browse the full TOURTECH drum range online here at guitarguitar, or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about TOURTECH Drums

Question: How good are TOURTECH kits for learning on?
TOURTECH drum kits are great for learning on, not only do they feature great sounds and responsive pads that play just like an acoustic kit, but they also feature recording and playback functionality so you can hear back what you're playing, which is a great tool for improving your technique quickly.
Question: Does a TOURTECH drum kit sound like an acoustic drum kit?
TOURTECH kits can not only sound just like an acoustic kit, but also feature electronic and other percussion instrument sounds, of course that is when they're plugged into a speaker or when used with headphones, the sound of the pads alone don't make much sound at all.
Question: Does a TOURTECH drum kit feel like an acoustic kit?
While the TOURTECH kits with rubber pads respond accurately and are very close to the real thing, kits like the TT-22M with mesh pads are even more realistic, with an accurate response and stick bounce just like you get with an acoustic drum.
Question: Can I trigger software with a TOURTECH kit?
You can indeed, so long as long as your software has a learn feature or allows you to specify the MIDI notes for a sound (most do) then you simply need to connect your TOURTECH module to your computer via USB.