TOURTECH Drums & Percussion

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About TOURTECH Drums

TOURTECH drums are an affordable way to get started with electronic drumming. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced players. Their combination of quality hardware and premium sounds has been a hit since they launched their first line of drum kits several years ago.
From the portable TT-12 to the all mesh TT-22M, it's clear to see why TOURTECH drums are some of our best selling kits. Practice at home is possible thanks to a series of rubber or mesh pads which are far quieter than acoustic drums. Each pad has a natural rebound that feels just like a traditional drum skin and accurately triggers sounds from the sound module. Every TOURTECH module is host to a fantastic selection drum samples, as well as a metronome and the ability to connect to your computer for triggering audio software.

Why should I choose a TOURTECH drum kit?

  • Impressive audio quality
  • Reliable hardware at an affordable price
  • Fully expandable and upgradable

Frequently Asked Questions about TOURTECH Drums & Percussion

Question: Are TOURTECH drums suitable for beginners?
Yes. TOURTECH drums are fully positionable. This makes it easy for beginners to find a comfortable playing position.
Question: Are TOURTECH drums portable?
Yes, while the TT-22M can be dismantled for easy transport, the TT-12S and TT-12SM can be folded up with the pads still attached. This is not only great for taking them with you, it also means that they can be easily stored when you're not playing the kit.
Question: Can I use TOURTECH drums with my computer?
Yes, all TOURTECH kits feature 5-Pin and USB MIDI. This allows you to trigger drum software on your computer. This is an excellent way to expand your available sounds. The TT-22M can also transfer audio to your computer, so you can record directly into your favourite studio package via USB.