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About Universal Audio Software

Universal Audio software bundles include studio plugins which can only be run on the included Satellite hardware. A Satellite is a bit like a mini computer, it hosts and runs the UA plugins, this process is useful as using multiple plugins of the same standard can often slow your computer down, causing buffering and requiring you to change your latency settings to enable playback without glitching.

Universal Audio plugins are now becoming a standard part of professional recording studios, thanks to their high quality, the efficiency of the Satellite system and the fact that many of the plugins emulate iconic studio components from the last six decades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Universal Audio Software

Question: What formats are Universal Audio plugins included in?
UA plugins are supplied in VST, RTAS, Audio Unit and AAX 64 plug-in formats.
Question: What style of plugins are available?
Universal Audio make plugins that emulate virtually every stage of a studio process including reverbs, delays, autotune, compression, EQ, guitar amps, studio desk and tape emulation. Most UA plugins are designed to emulate a specific piece of equipment due to its unique characteristic, a Satellite isn't full of boring emulations like most bundle, instead it opens up a world of sounds of practices from the albums you've loved your whole life, as well as offering features which are used on most modern productions.
Question: Who uses Universal Audio software?
Some notable UA users are Mick Guzauski (Eric Clapton), Tony Platt (AC/DC), Armin van Buuren, Stuart Price (Madonna), UA plugins were also used by Daft Punk while creating their Random Access Memories album and movie score for Tron Legacy starring Jeff Bridges.