Valeton Guitar Amps

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About Valeton Amps

Valeton Amps are already renowned for being high quality, and at some of the lowest prices you can expect to pay for what you're getting. For instance, the TAR-20G is a compact, light-weight amplifier head with pure analog rock 'n' roll power. A super wide-ranged gain control and a flexible 3- band EQ make it a one-channel tone machine: from pristine, glassy clean to huge, cranked leads, you get everything you’ve ever wanted to play. AUX IN jack and phones jacks let you play anywhere.

Why Should I Choose Valeton Amplifiers?

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Highly portable
  • Versatile enough for any scenario

Frequently Asked Questions about Valeton Guitar Amps

Question: What range of amps do Valeton offer?
Valeton specialise in making extremely compact, portable amplifiers that you can take anywhere! Perfect for impromptu jam sessions and for recording ideas quickly!
Question: Can I record using Valeton Amplifiers?
Absolutely! Valeton Amplifiers are cutting edge, coming with line outs on the bass and guitar based heads. This will allow you take to your Valeton amp anywhere, and record whenever inspiration takes you!