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About Vigier Guitars

Vigier Guitars offer a truly stunning array of options for the player looking for a high-end guitar. Originally founded in 1980 in France by luthier Patrice Vigier, Vigier Guitars have continuously pushed the envelope in technological innovation and quality control to produce breathtaking instruments that play like an extension of the player. Vigier have produced an array innovations for their electric guitars both in terms of musical expression and roadworthy endurance including Carbon Fibre Slab reinforced necks, metal fingerboard fretless basses and guitars, soft-scalloped fingerboards, locking jacks, and Teflon nuts.

A wide selection of artists have gravitated towards Vigier over the years, recognising the quality if instruments produced. Their roster over the years has included luminaries such as Guthrie Govan, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, and Tina S.

Why Should I Choose a Vigier Guitar?

  • Stunning quality
  • Fantastic playability
  • Built under rigorous manufacturing and control methods
  • Some of the most technologically innovative instruments on the market

Frequently Asked Questions about Vigier Guitars

Question: Are Vigier guitars any good?
Yes they are! Vigier Guitars are stunningly high-quality instruments, produced under rigorous manufacturing and control methods to deliver truly technologically innovative instruments that play like an extension of the artist.
Question: Where are Vigier guitars made?
Vigier Guitars are built at their headquarters in Grigny, Essone in France.
Question: Who plays a Vigier guitar?
A host of truly groundbreaking and innovative guitarists and bassists, including Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, Guthrie Govan, Stanley Jordan, Alphonso Johnson, Tina S. and the late legend Mr. Shawn Lane.