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About Waldorf

Waldorf has been a name synonymous with high quality synthesizers for almost 30 years, with synthesizers including the Blofeld and Pulse maintaining the standard set by the legendary PPG synthesizers in the 80s.

Waldorf also make some amazing modules, including the Streichfett which accurately emulates the classic string synthesizers from the 1970s, the hybrid Rocket synthesizer, and the 2 Pole Analog Filter.

Waldorf are also expanding into the very hot Eurorack modular synthesizer market. Modules such as the NW1 and DVCA1 allow you to insert separate world-class Waldorf components into your very own custom synth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Waldorf

Question: Who plays Waldorf instruments?
Some notable Waldorf users include: Deadmau5, Trentemøller, Vanetian Snares, Underworld, Hans Zimmer and Oneohtrix Point Never.
Question: Where are Waldorf instruments made?
All Waldorf instruments are made in Germany.