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About Waterloo Guitars

Waterloo guitars is a company founded by Master Luthier Bill Collings of Collings guitars. His aim was to make acoustic guitars that harked back to the Depression era of US history and recreate guitars in the vein of instruments made in that period. Generally, Waterloo guitars have smaller, parlour-influenced bodies and are true acoustics: they do not have electronics. This is in keeping with the rootsy, folk-based ethos behind the company.

Waterloo guitars are made in Austin, Texas by the same team who make Collings guitars. At guitarguitar, we are big fans of both and make sure we keep excellent stock of Waterloo guitars in our stores. Visit us to play one in person or check out our entire selection on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Waterloo Guitars

Waterloo guitars are for players who appreciate authenticity and workmanship. Players of Roots genres such as fingerstyle Blues and Folk will really appreciate these guitars.
Waterloo guitars are used by Bill Frizzell, Father John Misty, St Vincent, Molly Tuttle and Ryan Bingham.
Waterloo guitars are named after neither the Napoleonic battle in Belgium nor the Abba song but in fact the old name for Austin, Texas where these guitars are hand made. Austin was known briefly as Waterloo and had its name changed around 1839.
In keeping with the ethos of recreating depression-era (1930s) acoustic guitars, Waterloo guitars have ladder bracing. This sounds quite different to normal X-bracing. According to Bill Collings, ladder bracing is "more responsive and somewhat more articulate, yet it also has a wildness about it that makes it really interesting.