Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass

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About Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass

The Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass is a sleek, ultra-modern bass, suited to aggressive, high gain styles.

The Contemporary Jazz Bass takes an old vintage style and reimagines it as a razor-sharp instrument with a stylish, edgy look. Matching headstocks and metallic finishes give it a bold, modern look. Perfect for bassists who want to stand out from the crowd!

There are two versions of Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass: a passive model with single coils and an active model with humbuckers.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the passive single coils are vintage sounding. These are hot ceramic pickups with buckets of aggressive top end.

The Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass has SQR ceramic humbucking pickups. These pass through a 9v active preamp to create a devilishly powerful tone, not for the faint of heart.

There is also an ‘FSR’ Limited Edition 5 string Contemporary Active Jazz Bass so you can have all that searing power with an extended range. Perfect for modern metal.

What Makes the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass Different?

  • Hyper modern take on an old-school bass
  • Available in active or passive configurations
  • Perfect for aggressive, high gain styles
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass

    Question: What is the difference between an active and passive Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass?
    The active preamp in the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass gives you more volume and more control. Traditional passive basses only allow you to reduce treble - this is what the ‘Tone’ knob does. Active preamp allows you to both boost and cut bass and treble; giving you much more power to sculpt your tone.
    Question: Where is the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass made?
    The Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass is made in Indonesia.