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About Charvel Guitars

Charvel guitars hail from San Dimas, California. Founder Wayne Charvel began his business supplying high quality replacement necks and bodies before moving into full instrument production. Charvel's hot-rodded Superstrat designs quickly caught on and ended up defining much of what is thought of as an 80s guitar!

Today, Charvel guitar designs remain true to their roots by offering classic San Dimas models and So-Cal guitars with high output pickups, locking Floyd Rose tremolos and loud finishes. Charvel make electric guitars in both the United States (USA Select series) and in Mexico (Pro-Mod series).

Charvel guitars are typified by their slim, fast necks, jumbo frets and loud finishes, though not aggressive styling: almost all Charvel guitars have traditional body shapes. Charvel are a well loved brand and are a popular choice for guitarists with a pro-shred sensibility. Have a look at our Charvel collection right here online or visit us at your local guitarguitar UK store to try one out in person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Charvel Guitars

The first word that springs to mind is 'awesome' but we expect you want a little more than that! Generally speaking, Charvel guitars are high output and crunchy. They have lots of sustain and a lively amount of harmonic overtones. These guitars play well with all amp types but they do come into their own when used with a high gain sound. They sound very 'moreish' and are a LOT of fun to play on!
Charvel guitars are played by lots of famous guitarists including Jake E Lee (Ozzy Osbourne), Joe Duplantier (Gojira), Angel Vivaldi, Warren DeMartini (Ratt) and many more.
At guitarguitar, the most popular is probably either the Pro Mod DK24 HSS in Shell Pink or the Guthrie Govan Signature Model in Caramelized Ash.
Yes, the Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 2 is available as a 7 string.
Yes, Fender Musical Instruments corporation (FMIC) bought Charvel guitars back in 2002. This explains why Charvel are able to use the trademarked Fender Stratocaster headstock shape.
Grover Jackson was an employee at Charvel. He actually bought the company from Wayne Charvel in the early 80s. He used his own surname to make Randy Rhoads' 'V' guitar but kept the Charvel name for everything else.