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About Arturia Keyboards

Arturia keyboards are loved for their sleek retro aesthetic and impressive design. Whether you're looking for a MIDI controller or analog synthesizer, Arturia keyboards have been crafted to be the very best in their class.
MIDI controllers in the Arturia keyboards collection are available to suit all players. Care is taken to offer the best possible instruments, from the travel-friendly MicroLab to the fully weighted 88 note KeyLab 88 MKII.
Arturia Synthesizers are unique in that they've stayed faithful to an analog construction. It's a distinctly retro approach that perfectly fits into a modern world that adores vintage and modular equipment. Arturia keyboards like the MicroBrute, MiniBrute and MatrixBrute have each gone into legendary status in their own right and show that exciting things are due from Arturia in the future.

Why Should I Choose an Arturia Keyboard?

  • Impressive design that gives you a hands-on approach
  • Excellent bundled software included with MIDI keyboards
  • Exciting analog sounds from the award-winning synthesizers

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia Keyboards

Question: Do Arturia keyboards come with headphones?
While Arturia MIDI keyboards don't feature an audio interface for you to use headphones with, all of our Arturia synthesizers are compatible with headphones.
Question: Do Arturia keyboards come with software?
The Arturia MicroLab, MiniLab and Keylab MIDI controllers each come with a great selection of software to get you started.
Question: Which Arturia keyboard is best for beginners?
The MicroBrute is an excellent option for beginners. This compact analog synthesizer features an easy to understand set of controls that can be used to create a huge range of sounds. The patch bay also allows for further sound manipulation and even allows you to patch into modular hardware.