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About Arturia Keyboards

Arturia analog synthesizers include the MicroBrute, MiniBrute and MatrixBrute, all of which provide full analog power with a modern twist. These instruments are capable of producing retro tones akin to Moog and Arp synthesizers from the 1970s as well as modern sounds such as wild sub bass, screeching leads and lush swooping filter sequences. Arturia synths can also be a great gateway into the land of Eurorack, offering a direct link to many modules and minimizing the need to purchase boring boxes to get your Eurorack system up and running.

Arturia MIDI keyboards including the MiniLab MKII and Keylab Essential offer a realistic response for use with your favourite music software. This is in addition to Arturia's own bundled software which offers amazing modelling technology that captures the nuances of classic synthesizers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia Keyboards

Analog Lab gives you a massive amount of presets from Arturia's award-winning V Collection bundle, featuring accurate recreations of iconic digital, analog and acoustic keyboards. Analog Lab is available with the Keylab Essentials keyboards, while MiniLab comes with Analog Lab Lite, which offers slightly fewer presets than the full version.
Eurorack is a modular synthesis system in which individual modules are made to a standard size. Often made by small companies, these modules tend to stick to one function per module, for example, oscillators, filters, LFOs and effects.