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About Godin Guitars

Godin guitars offers a true alternative to the usual styles and shapes of electric guitars that we see every day. Spearheaded by master luthier Robert Godin, this is an innovative company based in Quebec, Canada. This is where all their guitars are designed and built.

Godin guitars are diverse in design. Solid body guitars with synth-ready technology rub shoulders with defiantly retro hollow body jazz guitars such as the Godin 5th Avenue. This works for Godin since there is a real cohesion to the overall design styles. Their most technologically advanced instruments are quite classically styled. At the same time, their most traditional instruments are made with cutting edge design and manufacturing innovations. There is a real balance to the work carried out - to a large degree by hand - in Quebec by Godin.

Godin guitars are the central nucleus of a large family of brands. Norman, Seagull, La Patrie, Art & Lutherie and Simon & Patrick are other brands within the Godin family.

We are one of the UK's largest Godin dealers and we have a long history with all of their brands including Godin electric guitars. If you want something that is world class yet affordable, Godin is a brand you will definitely want to check out. See our Godin selection at your local store or browse our whole range here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Godin Guitars

Question: Are Godin guitars made by machine or by hand?
It is a mixture of both. Godin use machines were precision is required and hand-building where a human touch is needed most. Their instruments are actually hand-made to quite a high degree, even when compared with certain other manufacturers' custom shops!
Question: What famous players use Godin guitars?
Godin guitars are played live and in the studio by lots of distinguished artists including: Doyle Dykes, Roger Waters, Steve Stevens and Alex Skolnick (Testament).
Question: Which Godin electric guitars have 'synth access' and what does this mean?
The main Godin electric guitars with synth access are the LGXT and LGSA models. These are all single cutaway electric guitars and are available in a range of finishes with different pickup and bridge options. Synth access refers to the built in hexaphonic MIDI pickup within the guitar's body. This pickup sends out an individual signal from each guitar string via a special output jack and cable into any compatible guitar synth module or pedal.
Question: Where in Canada is Godin based?
Godin's headquarters are based in Montreal and most of the production is carried out in either La Patrie or Princeville, Quebec. Certain parts are made over the border in New Hampshire.