Schecter Acoustic Guitars

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About Schecter Acoustic Guitars

Schecter acoustic guitars follow their lead from the company's flamboyant guitar designs. With the exception of Robert Smith's signature acoustic, all of Schecter's acoustic designs have cutaways to allow some easy upper fret access.

Schecter acoustics have that same hard rock swagger that has made their electric guitars so well loved: details like matte finishes, 'V' headstock decorations, special inlays, graphic finishes and, in certain cases, some very unorthodox design features all help sell these guitars as a great choice for frontmen and hard rockers.

Every Schecter acoustic is given a final set up back at Schecter's California premises to ensure fantastic playability before the guitars are sent on. With distinct style and playability as primary concerns, Schecter acoustics make themselves an excellent choice for unorthodox guitarists.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Acoustic Guitars

Yes, in fact most of the current range of Schecter acoustic guitars come equipped with a pickup system. The only two that don't are the Robert Smith 'Busker' model (his Stage acoustic does have a pickup though) and the Deluxe model acoustic.
All Schecter acoustic guitars have a solid top except for the following models: The Schecter Deluxe acoustic and the Synyster Gates 'Pinstripe' AC-GA SC model. Syn's other signature acoustic guitars do have solid tops though.