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About Squier Telecaster

Squier Telecasters provide an affordable way to enter the world of Fender's first and most iconic guitar. Essentially unchanged since its debut in 1951, this most famous of designs offers a great way to play endless genres of music. "Versatility" is the best word to use when describing the Telecaster.

Squier offer a large variety of Telecaster models and other electric guitars. There are subdivisions such as the Classic Vibe.This line offers relatively vintage correct recreations of heritage models. Another example is Vintage Modified. These models are distinct from Classic Vibe guitars due to their alternate pickups and other specs. Other series' include the Affinity Series, Standard and Contemporary. All have their own special models.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Telecaster

Yes, quite a few actually. Most of the Vintage Modified series have at least one humbucker (often the 'Wide Range' style) and the Contemporary Telecaster HH has a pair of humbuckers. Artist models such as the Jim Root Telecaster and the John 5 J5 Tele come with humbucker pickups too.
All of them would make fantastic choices for learning on! It depends more on whether there are specific models you prefer. The Affinity Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde is a best selling model.
Given its appealing simplicity and adaptable sound there are hardly any types of music out there that a Telecaster will not be great for! Traditionally played by early Rock 'n' Rollers and Country guitarists, these days Telecasters are mainstays in Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz and Indie genres.
They sure do! Squier offer two signature Telecasters, the Jim Root signature and the J5 for John 5. These models are both designed for hard rocking tones but have their own cool design features. Jim Root's Tele has high output pickups for huge metal tones. It also has a satin finish, black hardware and simplified controls for a utilitarian look that people (not just Slipknot fans!) really love. John 5's signature Tele, though similarly humbuckered, is altogether more flash. With a double bound body and either a Frost Gold or Black & Silver finish, this high octane Telecaster is definitely one for the stage!
The Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster is made with a Pine body and a Maple neck. Pine may seem an unusual choice for guitar bodies but Squier are bang on the money. Many early fifties Teles have Pine bodies so vintage authenticity is high here! Pine also has tonal properties similar to those of ash, which is rather a revered tonewood. This makes the Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster a particularly savvy choice.