Keyboards for Beginners - Step into a new world of sound

Everything you need to start playing keyboards

Yamaha PSR-E263 Keyboard Pack


Yamaha PSR-E363 Keyboard Pack


Yamaha PSR-E463 Keyboard Pack


Have Fun and Learn to Play!

Which keyboard to buy? There is so much choice and so many features! Fear not: pick from this specially-selected group of keyboards and you're guaranteed to have a fun and rewarding experience learning to play the keyboard!

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    Large Range of Sounds

    From pianos to basses, violins to synthesizer sounds, these keyboards dish up a whole banquet of sounds to play around with. Rhythms are also available, to help you practice your timing. The PSR-E463 has over 700 sounds available to use!

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    Built-in speakers

    Each of our keyboard choices have built-in speakers. This means that you can enjoy good quality stereo sound immediately! There is no need for any additional equipment in order to hear yourself! Our keyboards here also feature a headphone output to enable more personal practice.

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    Learner mode

    Two of the models, the PSR-E263 and the PSR-E363, have a learning function built in to help you at the beginning. This function plays a melody through the speakers and shows the corresponding keys lit on the keyboard's screen for you to copy and learn. This is a very useful feature for beginners!