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About Sigma Acoustic Guitars

Sigma guitars are an extremely popular brand of affordable acoustic guitars based on classic American designs. Originally a side-line of Martin guitars, Sigma began in 1970 as a less-expensive alternative to Martin's primary line of instruments. After Martin discontinued Sigma in 2007, they were revived by the German AMI group and re-released as high quality guitars imported from China. It's fair to say the influence of that previous company from Nazareth, Pennsylvania still looms large, from the body shapes to the styling and even the headstock logo. However, the main appeal of Sigma is the chance to own a well made, traditionally styled acoustic guitar for a very good price.

The Sigma range is large, featuring a wide range of body styles and options. At guitarguitar we recognise Simga as a significant brand in its own right and are proud to keep a large selection of their instruments in each of our UK stores. Every guitarguitar location has an acoustic section or dedicated acoustic showroom. In here you will find a comprehensive range of Sigma acoustic guitars, all ready to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sigma Acoustic Guitars

By far the most popular Sigma model is the 000ME+ model, followed by the same model in Mahogany, the 000M-15E.
Sigma use classic shapes including the dreadnought, the grand concert and the grand auditorium. Most models are referred to in a similar way to their Martin guitars inspiration: 00, 000 etc. For example, the 000ME+ is a grand auditorium model.
Yes. Due to of licensing conflicts, Sigma guitars are known as Kindred guitars in the United States. The are known as Sigma Guitars everywhere else.