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No stage or studio is complete without microphones. Whether it's dynamic, condenser or wireless mics, guitarguitar have you covered. We also stock a fantastic range of USB Microphones for portable studio setups.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microphones

Depending on the intended use, key examples include wireless lavalier or headset mics for presenters, and cardioid condenser microphones for choirs. Small diaphragm condensers are also a versatile option for use with individual instruments.
As a general rule, Dynamic microphones are great for loud sound sources, for example, guitar cabs and snare drums, or for live vocals where the microphone is going to be moved around a lot. Condenser mics are more sensitive and are more appropriate for use with acoustic instruments and recording vocals. Due to their enhanced sensitivity, condenser microphones use Phantom Power, a function of many audio interfaces and mixing desks which provides the microphone's circuit with a small amount of power to aid its high output.