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Come and delve into guitarguitar's expanding dimension of keyboards, where you will find analog and digital synthesizers, stage and digital pianos, MIDI keyboard controllers, samplers, workstations, synth modules and even a selection of Eurorack products. We have keyboards and keyboard related products to match any need, whether it's for complete beginners, professional live performance, computer music with MIDI, or even for part of a modular CV setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboards

A keyboard is a piano style arrangement of black and white keys, used to produce musical notes from an instrument. While a piano does feature a keyboard, today the term 'keyboard' generally refers to an electronic instrument, be it a synthesizer, digital piano or MIDI controller.
No. Synthesizers generally don't, while most portable keyboards and home pianos do. Stage pianos can do, but it's not a feature on every model. It is always worth checking the keyboard's specifications if you definitely need it to have speakers.
This is really down to personal preference and intended use. Weighted keyboards give the most piano-like feel and response, while synth action (non-weighted) keyboards tend to be lighter and more portable. They also tend to be faster to play and can come with smaller keys and different key amounts.