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About the Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor guitars are 3/4 sized acoustics made to an excellent standard. Taylor are known for producing some of the best quality acoustic guitars around and the Baby Taylor is one of them. Although these may be smaller guitars, The Baby Taylor produces an incredible sound quality that defies its size and can help your songs and playing to sound their very best. There are options of different tone woods and some come with electronics too, so there is a Baby Taylor guitar to fit all budgets and uses.

This acoustic guitar is great for those learning guitar as it has a smaller body size and shorter scale length. This doesn't make it just a beginners guitar though, as it has been used by some of the biggest names in music such as Lindsey Buckingham, Bono, and Taylor Swift. Also a great choice as a travel guitar, the Baby Taylor manages to fit a lot of tone into a small package. Most of our Baby Taylor acoustic guitars come included with a gig bag.

Why Should I Choose a Baby Taylor Guitar?

  • Excellent Taylor quality in a compact travel-friendly instrument
  • Whatever your playing style, this guitar is comfortable and easy to play due to its smaller size
  • Great guitar for beginners but good enough to be used by professionals

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Taylor Guitars

Question: Is the Baby Taylor worth it?
Yes. The Baby Taylor acoustic guitar is a worthwhile investment as it is made to Taylor's excellent high standards and can be used at every stage of your guitar journey, from your bedroom to a festival stage.
Question: Is the Baby Taylor good for small hands?
The Baby Taylor is perfect for players with smaller hands. Its 3/4 size makes it more manageable overall whilst the 22 3/4" scale length is a full two inches shorter than standard guitar scale lengths. This means the neck will be much easier to navigate for smaller hands and the strings will have less tension in them, making them easier to handle too. The Baby Taylor is a great choice for young people learning to play for the first time as well as seasoned players looking for a great travel guitar.
Question: Is Baby Taylor good for beginners?
Yes. The Baby Taylor is very good for beginners as it is smaller in size and also features a short scale length, making it a great choice for smaller hands.
Question: Where is the Baby Taylor made?
Baby Taylor acoustic guitars are made out in Mexico, at Taylor's own factory in Tecate.
Question: What is the Baby Taylor tuned to?
The Baby Taylor is designed to be used in standard tuning, that is, high to low: E-B-G-D-A-E. Like any other acoustic guitar, you can alter the tuning back and forth to whichever tunings you prefer.