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About the Baby Taylor

The Baby Taylor is a fantastic short scale acoustic with a full sound. Perfect as a travel guitar, the Baby Taylor is 3/4 acoustic guitar and has a bolted-on neck. Made with a solid top and layered Sapele body, the Baby Taylor normally has either Spruce or Mahogany for its soundboard. The Baby Taylor is even smaller than a GS Mini and comes with a soft bag for ultra portability!

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Taylor Guitars

Question: What size is the Baby Taylor?
The Baby Taylor is 3/4 size of a full sized Dreadnought. It has a body size of 15 3/4" (400mm) and a scale length of 22 3/4".
Question: Is the Baby Taylor good for small hands?
The Baby Taylor is perfect for players with smaller hands. Its 3/4 size makes it more manageable overall whilst the 22 3/4" scale length is a full two inches shorter than standard guitar scale lengths. This means the neck will be much easier to navigate for smaller hands and the strings will have less tension in them, making them easier to handle too. The Baby Taylor is a great choice for young people learning to play for the first time as well as seasoned players looking for a great travel guitar.
Question: What is the difference between a Baby Taylor and a GS Mini?
The Taylor GS Mini is significantly different from the Baby Taylor. The Baby is a travel sized dreadnought with a bolted on neck whereas the GS Mini is a slightly downsized Grand Symphony guitar with a traditional neck join. The Taylor GS Mini, although still smaller than a standard acoustic guitar and thus perfect for travelling with, is bigger and significantly louder than the Baby Taylor. The GS Mini also has a slightly arched back.
Question: Where is the Baby Taylor made?
The Baby Taylor is made out in Mexico, at Taylor's own factory in Tecate.
Question: What is the Baby Taylor tuned to?
The Baby Taylor is designed to be used in standard tuning, that is, high to low: E-B-G-D-A-E. Like any other acoustic guitar, you can alter the tuning back and forth to whichever tunings you prefer.