8 String Guitars

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About 8 String Guitars

8 string guitars are becoming more and more popular as heavier music progresses and the need to go lower and heavier increases. 8 string electric guitars are an important part of what is known as 'extended range' guitars, since they not only have two more strings than a standard guitar, they require a longer neck to intone the notes properly.

8 string guitars have an additional low 'B' string and an 'F#' for notes that go lower than an electric guitar ever has before. Ibanez were the first mainstream company to offer a mass production 8 string guitar but they have since been joined by lots of other manufacturers including Jackson, Strandberg and particularly Schecter who offer a wide selection of 8 string guitars in all price brackets. These are all available from the guitarguitar website and from our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 String Guitars

Although there are no rules when it comes to what you can play on a particular instrument, it seems that most people who play extended range guitars like 8 strings belong in what we'd loosely term the contemporary metal camp. Modern metal and prog genres require guitars that can sound tight, low and fast. 8 string guitars give these players the range, lowness and response they need to perform the music that is in their heads.
Fanned frets is a way of installing frets on a guitar to ensure even intonation on every note. The frets are not uniformly straight as on a regular guitar but laid down in a gentle and carefully calculated fan formation. This actually means that a fanned fret guitar has two scale lengths, or rather a scale length that gradually changes as the frets spread out. Higher, lighter strings have a slightly lower scale length than the bottom low strings, which have a longer scale length due to the fan. 8 strings guitars benefit from the multi-scale fan fret method since the difference in string size and pitch is compensated well.
Custom gauge 8 string sets are available from guitarguitar for your 8 string guitar. The two most often used gauges are .009-.065 which are good for playing solos and the heavier sounding .010-.074 which have more tension.
Schecter offer the most choice. Our bestselling 8 string models tend to be from Schecter, Strandberg and Ibanez.