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About Spector Bass Guitars

Spector Basses are an American bass guitar brand. From boutique to beginner, they make unique instruments for every budget.

Spector bass guitars are known for their powerful tone and unusual, ergonomic form. They have a thick, warm sound which makes them perfect for metal, rock and blues. Players over the years have included Flea, Geezer Butler and Gene Simmons; not to mention a host of highly regarded session players.

Spector basses are made in a number of different places. Their USA Series is the crème de la crème of the range, painstakingly handcrafted in Woodstock, New York. The Euro range is handbuilt to the same stunning boutique quality, in the Czech Republic. The Legend Series is made in Korea and the Performer Series is made in Indonesia. This range of factories ensures that they have a bass for every player.

What Makes Spector Basses Different?

  • Thick, warm sound
  • Unusual, ergonomic form
  • Perfect for metal, rock and blues

Frequently Asked Questions about Spector Bass Guitars

Question: Who plays Spector Basses?
Spector Basses have a range of Artist models including basses designed with Ian Hill (Judas Priest), Doug Wimbish, Rachel Bolan and Alex Webster.
Question: Are Spector basses active?
Part of the signature sound of Spector Basses is the active preamp integrated in the tone circuit. This gives these basses their trademark growl. The USA Series use the fames HAZ preamp whereas the Euro and Legend Series use the Czech-made TonePump preamp. Some Spector basses use active EMG pickups but it’s quite common for them to have passive pickups such as Bartolinis.
Question: Where are Spector Basses from?
Spector Basses were formed in Brooklyn and are now based up-state in Woodstock. Only the USA Series is made there, however. The Euro Series is made in the Czech Republic, the Legend Series is made in Korea and the Performer Series is made in Indonesia. Historic Spector models have also been made in Singapore and China and are equivalent in quality to today’s Legend and Performer Series.
Question: Do Spector guitars have signature models?
Yes! Christ Kael, the bassist of Five Finger Death Punch has a signature model.