Dynamic Microphones

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About Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic Microphones are commonly seen on stage and are often used for vocals, guitars and drums. Typically they are less sensitive to loud volumes than condenser mics and offer an even dynamic range, making them ideal for live use. Of course, these microphones also have their place in the studio and there are even some dynamic mics available that are designed specifically with the studio in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamic Microphones

As a vocalist, you're always going to be impacted by niggling colds and throat issues but you can severely reduce the chances of suffering these by using a mic that no one else is putting their mouth against. House microphones at venues also tend to be in poor condition, so you can assure your optimum sound by using a quality microphone that's in good shape.
Absolutely. In fact, there are countless popular albums that feature the Shure SM58 on the lead vocal, and the Shure SM57 on guitars.
Phantom Power isn't necessary with dynamic microphones due to their higher output levels. Also, provided your cables are in good condition, running Phantom Power into your microphone won't cause it any harm.