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About Alvarez Guitars

Alvarez guitars is an acoustic and classical brand that originated in Missouri, USA. Alvarez produces a wide range of great value instruments and is in fact the sister company of the fantastic Japanese brand K Yairi. These guitars are made in the Far East to excellent standards and have been a popular brand in the US for nearly 50 years. They are a truly international company: their headquarters are in St Louis, Missouri; the guitars are made in the Far East and the R&D for their classical and flamenco lines were carried out in Cadiz, Spain in order to attain the correct authenticity for their guitars.

Alvarez make guitars for beginners, intermediates and professional players in a range of styles. Dreadnoughts, folk models, parlours and of course classical and flamenco guitars are all available. We have a fantastic selection of Alvarez acoustic instruments ready to view and try out in the acoustic department of each of our guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alvarez Guitars

We keep a wide selection of Alvarez guitars in every guitarguitar store throughout the UK! Please contact your closest store to find out more about which models are available or check online within each instrument's product page for more details.
The Regent Series is Alvarez's entry level range of guitars. It includes both steel and nylon string acoustics in a wide range of styles and finishes. Every model is perfect for the beginner or student guitarist.
Alvarez use a few pickup models, depending on the guitar. More affordable guitars use Alvarez's own SYS250 setup whilst more expensive models like the AD66 have a high end LR Baggs Element pickup system fitted.
Alvarez Blues guitars like the Blues 51 parlour guitar have soft V-profile necks, in keeping with the range's historical authenticity.
Many of them do, yes, but Alvarez make a wide range of guitars and their most affordable student models do not. The entire 'Artist' range (those with an 'A' prefix in the title) all have solid tops. Solid tops resonate better and improve sonically over time.