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About Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

The Epiphone acoustic guitar range is extremely popular. It is based mainly on classic Gibson designs like the J-200 and the Hummingbird. Epiphone's acoustic guitars offer style and substance as well as great value. Many epiphone acoustic models are actually electro acoustic. They contain a pickup system to allow the player to perform on stage.

Epiphone make acoustic guitars in a variety of shapes from dreadnoughts to Jumbo models. This choice allows you to select exactly the type of guitar you want to play while enjoying classic Gibson looks. This includes detailed pickguards, decorative inlays, body binding and headstock inlays. Epiphone guitars run from understated to ornate. They feature both laminated and solid top construction. They are perfect for gigging guitarists looking for a beautiful, classic-looking instrument at a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Some Epiphone acoustic guitars do have solid Spruce tops. Popular models like the Hummingbird, Dove and EJ-200 are feature solid tops. Less expensive models such as the DR-100 and PR5-E do not. On the guitarguitar website, each Epiphone acoustic guitar has a unique description. These detail features including materials and woods.
Epiphone started out in Turkey in 1873, making lutes and fiddles. During the 1930s and 40s they were Gibson's main competitor in the area of making archtop acoustics. In one way or another, Epiphone have been making acoustic guitars for nearly 100 years and acoustic instruments for nearly 150 years!
Epiphone make all of their standard range acoustic guitars in the same Qingdao, China facility as their electric guitars.
The guitar being cradled by Noel Gallagher is an Epiphone EJ-200 in Vintage Sunburst. It is an affordable take on the Gibson SJ-200, a guitar favoured by Elvis Presley. At guitarguitar, it is important to us to have this model in stock as often as possible, in a range of classic finishes.